Exploring how our ideas, attitudes, and innovations can impact our planet’s future


The Future Starts Here

Brand New World is the Pacific Northwest’s premier environmental sustainability conference. The planet’s health is a topic on a lot of minds right now – melting ice caps, deforestation, pollution, and questionable policymaking are just a few of the threats we face on a daily basis. Economic progress has come at a steep price over the years, one that we’re presently paying for. There’s a lot of work to be done to reverse the impact of our actions, and we at BNW plan on leading that fight.

Seattle, host of BNW 2018
Bethaday CLS

BNW offers a platform for more than 30 key thinkers, policymakers, and innovators to share their ideas for shaping a better, sustainable future. Through engaging activities such as panel disussions, keynotes, and workshops, you’ll be immersed in practical strategies for tackling our planet’s biggest issues head-on. Our 2018 lineup is headlined by Tomas Olsson of IKEA and Madeline Petit of Patagonia; both will also take part in “The Future of Us” panel to close out Wednesday.

This year’s conference takes place May 23–25 at Seattle’s new Bethaday Community Learning Space, an innovative, LEED-certified (Silver) facility. We hope to see you there.






9:30AMIntro Session

9:45AMEnvisioning Breakthroughs

11:00AMShifting Priorities (Panel)

12:00PMDavid V. Waller


1:30PMKatherine Hood

2:00PMGrowing Up Green (Panel)



4:15PMElena Bowers

5:00PMThe Future of Us (Panel)



9:30AMIntro Session

9:45AMInnovative Energy

11:00AMRenewable Goals (Panel)

12:00PMYuuka Kawahara


1:30PMDiana Beyer

2:00PMProject Greenhouse (Panel)



4:15PMRobin Ensley

5:00PMTomas Olsson (Keynote)



9:30AMIntro Session

9:45AMExpanding Our Reach

11:00AMTransparent By Design (Panel)

12:00PMDylan Cooke


1:30PMAndrea Clausen

2:00PMRole Reversal (Panel)



4:15PMManu Ronkainen

5:00PMMadeline Petit (Keynote)




Who is invited?

Anyone interested in making a difference through increased sustainability is welcome to attend Brand New World. We aim for a diverse crowd brought together by this common goal. Whether you’re an activist, scientist, creative, entrepreneur, or anything in-between, we hope to see you here.

Who runs Brand New World?

Brand New World is a non-profit movement founded by a group of Seattle-based friends to foster environmental sustainability through societal change. In addition to BNW 2018 and its past iterations, we hold several smaller events in Seattle throughout the year to follow up on the ideas presented at the 3-day conference. Our team of volunteers comes from a wide range of backgrounds – if you’re interested in lending your skills to BNW, contact us at volunteer@brand-new.world.

Who can I contact with specific inquiries?

Please reach out to info@brand-new.world with any direct comments or requests.


Three-Day Pass

$125 Students

$250 Professionals

$200 Groups (4+)

One-Day Pass

$50 Students

$100 Professionals

$80 Groups (4+)

For group tickets, please contact register@brand-new.world

Brand New World is a non-profit conference. We’ve worked to keep entry fees as low as possible this year, and the prices you see above allow us to run BNW smoothly and book such incredible guests. Space for the event is limited – register now by clicking the link below.